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WeComply has provided amazing customer service to our organization since 2004. WeComply is very consultative with regards to deployment of compliance training to our 15,000 worldwide employees making the process scalable and efficient. We are extremely pleased to expand our relationship even further with a subscription license for the entire enterprise.

Online Confidentiality (42 CFR) Training

Confidentiality Training for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities

Confidentiality 42 CFRIn the 1970s, Congress passed legislation and the Department of Health and Human Services issued regulations to guarantee confidentiality for those seeking treatment for substance abuse. The idea behind the regulations — known as "42 CFR" (which refers to Title 42 Part 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations) — was that those in need of treatment for substance abuse would be more likely to access it if they could do so confidentially. These regulations apply to every organization that receives federal funds for diagnosing, assessing, treating or referring someone for chemical-dependency treatment.

Online Confidentiality (42 CFR) Training Course Summary

This 25-minute online confidentiality training course describes the 42 CFR confidentiality regulations in simple, understandable terms. It explains what employees need to know about maintenance, control and disclosure of client records and information; the role of client consent; and exceptions to the confidentiality regulations. The topics in the confidentiality training course include —

  • Overview of 42 CFR confidentiality regulations
  • Basic protections
  • Consent
  • Problems with "consent"
  • Exceptions to confidentiality requirements
  • Relationship between 42 CFR and HIPAA
  • Violations of 42 CFR
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