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Immigration Law Essentials

Immigration Basics TrainingU.S. immigration law requires that employers verify and sometimes re-verify that each of their employees is legally authorized to work in the U.S. This calls for a basic understanding of acceptable documents that prove work authorization for both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. The law also prohibits accepting fraudulent documentation as well as unlawful employment discrimination against foreign nationals, and boundaries of compliance are not always obvious.

Employers may at times need to reach out to foreign labor to find qualified candidates and sponsor a foreign national for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa (also known as a "green card") or sponsor a foreign-national employee for a change of visas. This often means dealing with labor certification and an alphabet soup of visas with requirements that could seem counter-intuitive. On top of that, employers must move through a morass of government agencies that may span as many as four separate departments: State, Homeland Security, Labor and Justice.

Companies whose employees fail to understand basic immigration law not only risk penalties, but may also lose valuable employee candidates to competitors if they're unable to recognize the options available for employing foreign workers. Employees involved in hiring decisions need to know when it's worth the time, effort and legal resources to sponsor a foreign national for a visa or change of visas in addition to knowing basic verification requirements.

Online Immigration Law Training Course Summary

This 30-minute course explains how to recognize and respond to immigration issues that arise in the U.S. workplace, including employment verification, discrimination and document fraud. It also provides an overview of what employers should know about sponsoring an employee for a visa. The topics covered in the online immigration law training course include —

  • Overview of immigration law
  • Visa requirements
  • Nonimmigrant and immigrant visas
  • Immigrant visas and labor certification
  • Employment verification
  • Unlawful discrimination
  • Penalties for violations

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