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Responsible Social Media Use Responsible Social Media Use

Online Responsible Social Media Use Course

Social Media Compliance Training

The social media phenomenon has revolutionized both personal and business communications. We now broadcast our thoughts, opinions, pictures and videos instantly through a vast array of social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) to promote products and services, network, reconnect with old friends and much more. Blogs, podcasts and YouTube allow almost anyone to disseminate their views and content to the world at large. Not surprisingly, there's peril in social media's uncharted waters. Inappropriate social media use can lead to problems of insider trading, defamation, antitrust violations and harassment, among many others. At the same time, businesses must use social media effectively to remain competitive.



A recent survey conducted by and XpertHR suggests that many employers take a reactive rather than proactive approach to managing employees' social media use. Survey results suggested that an increasing number of companies have instituted social media policies and may even monitor employee use of social media. However, many employers are not following up by providing social media training to supervisors, managers and employees. Because both the risks and the benefits of social media use are so great, employers cannot afford to ignore either. The responsible social media use training course is an important component of proactively managing employees' social media use.


Online Social Media Training Course Summary

This 25-minute social media use training course provides common-sense guidelines for the appropriate and responsible uses of social media — both in the workplace and in personal contexts — that could affect the employer. This online training course on the proper use of social media includes video vignettes, pop quizzes, news clippings and a final quiz highlighting real-world issues that employees should learn to spot and respond to. The topics covered in the social media compliance training course include —

  • Social media at home and work
  • Dangers of misuse
  • Social media in the courts
  • Effective business use
  • Guidelines for business use
  • Guidelines for personal use
  • Handling problems arising from social-media use

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Thomson Reuters Accelus also offers another version of this course in its Global Financial Services Library. This suite of compliance training courses was designed utilizing industry terminology and scenarios specific to the banking and finance sectors.

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