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We partnered with WeComply last year and implemented our global compliance training platform. The Wecomply team is knowledgeable, efficient and goes “above and beyond” in accommodating requests. The implementation was unbelievably simple and efficient! Our employees have commented that the software is user-friendly and the course design made it easy to learn. Management is very pleased with the reporting features.
Information Security Awareness for Law Firms Information Security Awareness for Law Firms

Online Information Security Awareness Training Course

Information Security Awareness for Law Firms

Information Security TrainingIn the modern law-firm environment, electronic devices are among the primary means of communication and information sharing. As a result, law firms are -- or at least should be -- making data security a top priority. Firms have a duty to their clients and the legal community to safeguard the confidentiality of the information they handle. If an unauthorized party manages to obtain confidential information, the affected firm may suffer a damaged reputation, legal action and professional discipline. 

Law firms can avoid or minimize these problems by training employees to recognize security threats and adhere to specific guidelines when handling confidential information. Whether working remotely or in the office, employees should know how to protect and safely use their devices. Regardless of how advanced and effective a firm makes its security systems, the careless user remains a significant risk to information privacy.

Online Information Security Awareness for Law Firms Training Course Summary

This 30-minute training course identifies important data-security practices that employees should follow when using electronic devices. It discusses real-world security issues that employees should learn to recognize and deal with appropriately. The topics covered in this course include —

  • Online activities
  • Mobile security
  • Removable devices
  • Working remotely
  • Client confidentiality
  • Protecting hidden data (metadata)
  • Strong passwords
  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Incident reporting

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