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Online Careful Communication Training Course

Carfeful Communication TrainingWith the arrival of the Information Age and the explosion of high technology, communication is getting faster but not necessarily better. Many employees believe that if they act with integrity and simply follow their bosses' or customers' instructions, their good intentions will keep their communications from becoming a legal "smoking gun."

In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Almost everything an employee says or does on behalf of his or her organization can be used as evidence against the individual and/or the organization at a later date. Documents — both paper and electronic — create a paper trail that lawyers can use to "connect the dots" to paint a picture that may not be very pretty. But by following a few simple guidelines, such as those outlined in this careful communication training course, these dangers can often be reduced or eliminated.

Online Careful Communication Training Course Summary

This 30-minute online training course explains eight tips for avoiding — or at least minimizing — the many lurking "smoking guns" of business communication:  

  • Recognizing that you can't always know your audience;
  • Understanding the law that applies to your organization's business;
  • Recognizing the limits of your own knowledge;
  • Meaning what you say and saying what you mean;
  • The closure process;
  • Being consistent with record retention;
  • Understanding the attorney-client privilege; and
  • Working to improve your writing.  

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