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We recently partnered with WeComply to implement on an online compliance training program. Things could not have gone better! The implementation was flawless and the training materials were clear, comprehensive and easy to use. Our employees reported that they found the training extremely valuable. Reporting and tracking have been timely and accurate. We are very pleased with our experience and would highly recommend WeComply to any company implementing an online compliance training program.
Antitrust Essentials Antitrust Essentials

Online Antitrust Training Course

Antitrust Essentials

Antitrust Law TrainingAs the complexities of the business world multiply, so do potential antitrust problems for a business enterprise up and down its organizational chain. An intricate web of federal, state and international statutes and regulations poses significant dangers for both intentional and inadvertent antitrust violations — organizations are fined, mergers and acquisitions are thwarted, enormous litigation costs pile up, and people go to jail. Just as important, organizations and their employees become afraid to be inventive, aggressive and competitive in completely legitimate ways.

Thus, it is crucial that organizations train their employees on the basic what, why and how of antitrust enforcement: (1) what are the basic legal principles, and what problems can occur in the real world in dealings with colleagues, customers, competitors, suppliers and business partners; (2) why is compliance with antitrust law important to your organization's business goals and the free-enterprise system in general, and why is avoiding violations and civil and criminal penalties so important; and (3) how to recognize potential problems and deal with them appropriately, and how to compete creatively and legitimately.

Online Antitrust Training Course Summary  

This 45-minute online training course explains the basic principles of U.S. antitrust law in understandable terms. The antitrust training course includes pop quizzes, news clippings and a final quiz highlighting real-world compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and respond to appropriately. The topics covered in the online antitrust training course include —  

  • Overview of U.S. antitrust law
  • Recognizing "red flags"
  • Relationships with competitors
    • Price-fixing
    • Allocating markets or customers
    • Boycotts
    • Other improper competitor contacts
    • Price-related restrictions
    • Geographic or customer restrictions
  • Relationships with customers
    • Exclusive dealing
    • Tying
    • Reciprocal dealing
    • Dual distribution
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Pre-merger reporting
    • Pre-closing sharing of information
  • Monopolistic behavior
    • Predatory pricing
    • Refusals to deal
  • Price discrimination
    • Meeting competition
    • Promotional services
  • Exemptions from the antitrust laws
    • Lobbying activities
    • Labor-related activities
    • State action
    • Regulated industries
  • Special industries
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
  • Antitrust in other contexts
    • Government contracting
    • Foreign trade
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