Compliance Courses

Compliance Training Courses

WeComply offers an ever-growing catalog of online compliance training courses. All of our courses are written and edited by experienced attorneys with a proven track record in interactive computer-based training. Each course combines the following features:

  • Instructional text, illustrations, narration and bullets;
  • Pop quizzes, matching exercises and other interactivity;
  • Hyperlinks to ancillary information, policies and related matters; and
  • A final quiz that can take the form of numerous interactive training games.

Each course also incorporates our Speed-BumpTM technology to inhibit users from clicking through the material too quickly and without focusing sufficiently on the training content. When a WeComply courses senses "quick-clicks" through important content, it automatically displays additional interactive content that slows the user down, rounds out the learning experience, and makes the training more likely to be considered legally "effective."

All course content is 100% customizable.

Try our New Course Advisor Wizard to help find the compliance training courses that fit your organization's needs.

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