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Political Discussions at Work: Asking for a Fight?

Most workplaces have people with differing political viewpoints, and sometimes those viewpoints can clash, especially in a heated presidential election season. A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder found that 36% of workers had discussed politics at work, and 43% expect to talk about the upcoming presidential election there. Political discussions in the workplace can be divisive: Nearly a quarter of the people who discussed politics at work had a “heated discussion or fight.” One in ten said that their opinion of a co-worker changed, usually for the worse, when they learned of that co-worker’s political affiliation.

Even more divisive than political arguments are employees campaigning for candidates while at work or pressuring coworkers to make political contributions. Companies that have policies against such activities should communicate those policies clearly to employees. WeComply’s new “guidelines for politics in the workplace” animated refresher video lets employers communicate four basic points in an engaging format that is easy for employees to understand:

  1. Employees engaging in political activity must do so as private citizens and on their own time
  2. They must not use the company’s workplace, equipment or other resources for political purposes
  3. They must not try to coerce coworkers into making political contributions
  4. They must not offend coworkers with inappropriate political messages

The “guidelines for politics” video is part of a new series of WeComply refreshers that keep compliance “top of mind” for employees. The refreshers feature videos that employees will want to watch because they are interesting and short. The refresher experience also includes interactive quizzes to help employees fully absorb what they just learned.

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