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10 Countries Most Likely to Use Bribery in Business

Anti-Bribery TrainingTransparency International recently released the 2011 Bribe Payers Index, which ranked 28 of the world’s biggest economies based on the likelihood that companies based in those countries will use bribes when conducting business abroad.  The survey scored each country on a scale of zero to 10, with zero representing companies that "always" engage in bribery and 10 representing companies that "never" offer bribes. The results are based on the views of more than 3,000 business executives who answered questions about countries they had dealt with over the past year. The executives were asked three questions: (1) how often companies engaged in bribery of low-level public officials; (2) how often companies used improper contributions to achieve influence with high-ranking politicians or political parties; and (3) how often companies paid or received bribes from private firms. The average score from these questions determined the ranking of each country.

The following represent the top 10 countries most likely to use bribery when conducting business abroad:

         Country                                             Score
1.      Russia                                               6.1
2.      China                                                 6.5
3.      Mexico                                                7.0
4.      Indonesia                                          7.1
5.      United Arab Emirates                     7.3
6.      Argentina                                           7.3
7.      Saudi Arabia                                     7.4
8.      Turkey                                                7.5
9.      India                                                   7.5
10.   Taiwan                                               7.5

In 2011, Russia strengthened its stance against foreign bribery by imposing monetary sanctions on companies and individuals who bribe foreign public officials. In the same year, China made it a crime for companies to bribe foreign officials. Individuals who violate the law may be imprisoned for up to 10 years and companies may receive substantial fines. Prior to the new law, China only criminalized bribery of Chinese — and not foreign — officials.

Looking beyond the top-ten list, the Netherlands and Switzerland ¾ each receiving a score of 8.8 ¾ were seen by those surveyed as the least likely to use bribery, followed by Belgium, Germany and Japan. The United States received a respectable score of 8.1, placing it among the top ten countries least likely to engage in bribery.

WeComply’s Global Anti-Corruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) training courses explain anti-bribery measures in a clear, understandable way, so that employees can appropriately respond to key real-world issues when conducting business abroad.

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